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Building A Better _____

Having recently returned to World of Warcraft, I've found myself in a new guild with a lovely bunch of people and I'm finally enjoying ...Read more

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Building A Better _____

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Having recently returned to World of Warcraft, I’ve found myself in a new guild with a lovely bunch of people and I’m finally enjoying raiding again. Previously, I had led my own guild, somewhat successfully, for around 3 years. In that time we’d cleared all WotLK content on heroic whilst level-and-gear appropriate (including Algalon, Heroic LK and Tribute to Insanity), and in Cataclysm had finished T11 pre-nerf and killed Ragnaros normal before leaving the game in around October last year. It was fun, and I had a wonderful group of guys and gals in the guild, but raids just weren’t clicking properly and were often frustrating.

I got to thinking about why it hadn’t quite clicked before, and why it’s working now. I wondered how, in an ideal world, I could have done things differently in my old guild. My new GM, being the lovely guy he is, indulged me and recently asked me to put into words a few of my observations. Now, I’ll preface this by saying that my opinions aren’t always going to be best for every guild – Royalty guilds will have completely different priorities than I do, by necessity – but here’s what I’ve found works best for me personally, and some advice on how to achieve it.

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