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On Identities

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In my previous life, I was known as Ln, the female tauren (previously blood elf) paladin. I spent over three years playing WoW solely as Ln (I’m definitely not what you’d call an altoholic). I formed relationships with people on my server, joined various pre-made PVP and raid groups, and made a name for myself, but the majority of people never knew Dave; they only knew Ln. Similarly, my Twitter presence has come to be defined by the name I …

Building A Better _____

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Having recently returned to World of Warcraft, I’ve found myself in a new guild with a lovely bunch of people and I’m finally enjoying raiding again. Previously, I had led my own guild, somewhat successfully, for around 3 years. In that time we’d cleared all WotLK content on heroic whilst level-and-gear appropriate (including Algalon, Heroic LK and Tribute to Insanity), and in Cataclysm had finished T11 pre-nerf and killed Ragnaros normal before leaving the game in around October last year. …

Is NFC Worthwhile?

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Having been a somewhat stalwart iPhone user for the last several years, I recently bought a HTC One X Android phone. I decided to switch because I’d been given an iPhone as my work phone, so having two was a bit overkill. I can only play so many games of Angry Birds at a time, right? I’m glad I did switch though; the HTC is absolutely lovely. I won’t gush too hard about why I love it, but, suffice to …

Now Listening: Today’s Playlist

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Wanted to try the new Spotify Embed code, so what better way than by sharing one of my favourite playlists with you? None. That’s right. None. Woot.

Now Listening: Portico Quartet

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Here’s something for your aural pleasure today… a lovely album by a band named Portico Quartet. It’s chilled out, blissful, and is really making my Friday zoom along. Wonderful stuff.